Residential Paving in Nashville, TN

Asphalt is a great addition to any residential property. It’s a durable material that’ll stand up to weather and wear—not to mention it looks great when paved by a professional like Roadway Blacktop! As a trusted, experienced, reputable asphalt paving company, we’re looking forward to paving beautiful asphalt surfaces on your residential property. Our capabilities include:


When you want to add a beautiful asphalt drive to your property, call Roadway Blacktop for the best driveway paving services in Nashville. We can take a gravel or dirt driveway and transform it into a well-paved, perfectly-graded addition you’ll enjoy every day.

Driveway extensions

Need your driveway extended to meet the road or connect to another paved surface? No problem! We’re able to extend your drive in a way that makes it look like it connected the whole time, with a perfect asphalt surface.

Tar and chip

Tar and chip is a great way to turn your gravel driveway into a paved one. Using existing gravel aggregate and hot tar, we create a surface that’s sturdy, stable and durable, giving you a convenient driveway at a fraction of the cost of new asphalt.


Have existing asphalt that needs to be revisited and repaired? Resurfacing your residential driveway is a great way to breathe new life into old asphalt, protecting it from the elements. Paying for resurfacing today could prevent paying for re-pacing later.


Potholes, sinking asphalt, divots, cracks and other blemishes can add up over time. If your asphalt drive is looking a little worse for the wear, we can help. Patchwork is a quick way to level everything out and restore your asphalt’s appeal.

Thinking about adding asphalt to your residential property? Make the call to Roadway Blacktop at 615-906-7888 and we promise you’ll be delighted you did. We take pride in our work and will pave you a beautiful driveway or fix your existing asphalt. The result will be improved curb appeal and everyday convenience, guaranteed.