Commercial Paving in Nashville, TN

Commercial asphalt surfaces take a beating. If you want yours to stand up to that abuse and hold up for longer, choose Roadway Blacktop to pave it. We welcome commercial-size projects and will make sure you’re left with surfaces that are beautiful, durable and finished accordingly. We’re familiar with any type of asphalt project you might have, including:

Parking lots

Commercial parking lots are one of our specialties! We’re able to pave new asphalt parking lots, repair tattered and torn asphalt surfaces and pave extensions for parking lots that need to increase their space.


We’re able to resurface and repair broken and potholed asphalt roadways, as well as pour new asphalt for lane widening. If you’re sick of potholes and uneven terrain, give us a call for road repairs that restore the integrity of your thoroughfare.


If the foundation of your asphalt is in good shape and there are just a few cracks or crevices developing on the surface, call us for resurfacing. We’re able to restore the protective surface coat, to keep bigger problems from forming.

Tar and chip

Tar and chip is a cost-efficient way to pave commercial parking lots and driveways. Using stone and gravel aggregate, along with hot tar, we’re able to pave surfaces that are strong and durable, with lasting integrity.

Parking lot striping

No parking lot is finished until it’s properly striped. We’re knowledgeable in all ADA-compliant striping guidelines and will make sure your parking lot has the correct markings and symbols to direct traffic.


Potholes got you down? We fill and patch potholes to keep cars and pedestrians safe from these pitfalls. It’s cheaper than resurfacing or re-paving and can extend the overall longevity of your asphalt surface as a whole.

There’s nothing we can’t do when it comes to residential or commercial asphalt. We’ll provide you with the results you want to see, from Nashville TN asphalt parking lot repair to a recently re-paved roadway. And, because we stake our reputation on every project, big or small, you’re guaranteed the best from Roadway Blacktop. Contact us today at 615-906-7888 for more information.